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Our focus is on uplifting and empowering local, community driven schools, to become fully sustainable.

Current Projects

Orphanages - Isbusiso Wish List:

Our main focus is to build a home for these abandoned and orphaned children. Where they have a sense of security and freedom. Where they are loved and cherished.


* Siyanda
* Thandalwabtwane

Earth Momma's

Earth Momma's

Empowering Schools & Communities

Encourage Self Sustainability

Contribute to Infant Development

Relieve pressure on the impoverished

Earth Momma's

We assist creches with seeds to grow there own food to feed the children a meal a day. The peels from these meals are used for animal feed and in compost heaps. The surplus veg are sold as organic veg in the upper highway area. We also have a selection of pesto’s and pastes made from our produce. It is our passion for doing more and being more that has brought about Grow Our School. Empowering Children and Communities by teaching them the value in paying it forward and sustainability.

We help communities uplift themselves with a bi-monthly sale of All previously loved items!!! 

We receive and collect all:

  1. Unwanted clothes + Shoes – (Kids/Woman/Men)
  2. Sporting Equipment
  3. Stationary
  4. School / Reading / Colouring In Books
  5. Household items + Furniture
  6. Kitchen items

Our Focus Areas are:

Seed Bank

We stand for all things sustainable and would love people to keep their seeds when cutting their vegetables and preparing meals. Seeds need to be rinsed and stored on newspaper. Drop off anytime or Friday from our designated Earth Momma outlet for Fruit and Veg boxes. We also will happily take any of your potatoes or sweet potatoes that have started to root. We pop them straight into bags and watch them flourish. Carrot tops as well.

Baby First Foods

The Baby First Foods will also work on a bartering system for those parents that are not able to purchase the Baby First Foods. The parents and grandparents will be able to bring in seeds, seedlings, glass bottles to exchange for Baby First Foods.


Grow Our School was founded by Lee-Anne in 2017. "Grateful beyond measure to have been surrounded by these individuals. I knew that it was my duty to assist all the others that may be in my similar position, those that were not just single moms but communities."
PROJECTS director
"We are all human. We have things we need, things we want and things we strive for. If you can give a part of yourself so another may thrive then thats the life i want to lead"
richard hoffman-jensen
Pr director
"My love for helping is something i am very passionate about so when this opportunity to contribute presented itself, i grabbed it with both hands"
matt everitt
Marketing & Logistics

DONATION options

Buy Our Babies Nappies


Once off / Per Month

  • Pampers Nappies
  • Huggies Nappies Newborn
  • Huggies Nappies
  • Pampers Wet Wipes
  • Huggues Wet Wipes

Keep Our Babies Healthy


Once off / Per Month

  • Gripe Water
  • Colic Drops
  • Panado Syrup
  • Calpol
  • Vi-Daylin

Keep Our Babies Fed


Once off / Per Month

  • Purity Cereal
  • Cerelac
  • Assorted Biscuits
  • Purity First Foods
  • Infacare

Keep Our Babies Clean


Once off / Per Month

  • Elizabeth Anne Bath Wash
  • J & J Shampoo
  • J & J Powder
  • Dove Lotion
  • Bennets Bum Cream
  • Vi-Daylin

We currently are working on a project at a Creche in Shongweni.

Grow Our School as been tasked with:

Arbor Day Tree Planting 

Food Gardens 

Chicken Coop 

Gross Motor Skill Development Bike Track 

Three Retaining Walls 

Two Stair cases 

The Food Gardens will be set up to feed 40 children one nutritious healthy meal a day.

Surplus vegetables that are grown will used to make Baby First Foods and sold in the community, thereby assisting the school with an additional revenue stream.

We are also hoping to engage with the Health and Wellness community supplying wheat grass to them.

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